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Water-based adhesive, anti-rusting inhibitor, scattering dust prevent, release agents, chemical products and specialty polyurethane products.
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Company Overview

Established in 2000, DAEMI Co., Ltd is South Korean company that specializes in functional chemical materials used for manufacturing products in variety of industry.  They are developing eco-friendly technologies such as water-based adhesives and anti-dust agents and also producing and selling release agents, polyols, and special polyurethanes.

DAEMI are confident that they will provide their customers with superior productive productivity and high-quality technology, and will provide the best customer satisfaction as an environmentally friendly company. In 2007, the company obtained IS09001:2000 Certification for quality management system. 

DM Water-based Adhesive

 95A25/A Series

DM Water-based Adhesive is environment-friendly water-based adhesive without solvent (VOC-Free) which is easy to use as one-component type adhesive and applicable for various materials.  DM Water-based Adhesive were separated into total 4 distinct series of products used for different industries according to their characteristics.  

95B34 Series
R31C Series
10523 Series

DM Dust Protector

DM Dust Protector (DP01) is eco-friendly product as water-soluble anti-scattering agent that reduce dust generation in the workplace and is harmless to humans. Users can directly adjust by diluting DM Dust Protector with ionized water or purified water and it is low corrosion resistance to equipment.  

DM Polyurethane coating

DM Polyurethane coating is used with non flammable for restrain the spread of fire and for protecting against mechanical damage on polyurethane foam in the construction of buildings and ships. 

Certifications & Patents


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