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"Making Hopeful Future with our world-best ginseng" | Hwadong International

"Making Hopeful Future With Our World-Best Ginseng"

May 29, 2019

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Chungbuk Ginseng Cooperative Association is representative group that specialize in manufacturing high-quality products with state-of-the-art facilities, covering the province of Chungbuk which produces the largest amount of Korea ginseng across the whole country of Korea.

Solnara launches Korean Natural Soap Brand called "Semicolon" | Hwadong International

Solnara Launches Korean Natural Soap Brand Called "Semicolon"

Jan. 19, 2018

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EDAILY News (2016/03/16) Solnara Co., Ltd announced on 16th of March that it has launched "Semicolon", a natural soap brand. EDAILY新闻(2016/03/16) Solnara Co.,Ltd于3月16日宣布推出天然皂品牌“Semicolon”。

Health + Beauty : "Solnara" produces excellent products using Korean native plant material | Hwadong International

Health + Beauty : "Solnara" Produces Excellent Products Using Korean Native Plant Material

Jan. 19, 2018

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JOONGBOO News (2015/01/07) It is well known that pine needles have 170 distinct positive effects and healing functions to 127 diseases in the human body. Solnara is using Korean natural plants for research, development, and production of pine needle oil capsules, natural soap, essence, hand sanitizers, and air fresheners. JOONGBOO新闻(2015/01/07) 众所周知,松针针对人体内的127种疾病具有170种明显的积极作用和愈合功能。 Solnara公司正在使用韩国的天然植物来研究,开发和生产松针油胶囊,天然肥皂,香精,洗手液和空气清新剂。

Solnara : 100% Natural soap for removal of skin troubles        Solnara:100%天然肥皂,用于清除皮肤问题 | Hwadong International

Solnara : 100% Natural Soap For Removal Of Skin Troubles Solnara:100%天然肥皂,用于清除皮肤问题

Sept. 15, 2017

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Solnara is a Natural Cosmetics and Health manufacturer in South Korea. They specializes in producing natural soap as well as red pine needle oil food.Solnara是韩国的一家天然化妆品和保健品生产商。 他们专门生产天然肥皂以及红松针油食品。

Moide - Natural Cosmetics from South Korea | Hwadong International

Moide - Natural Cosmetics From South Korea

Aug. 23, 2017

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Farmbios Co., Ltd is South Korean venture company specializing in biotechnology. They are researching and developing natural functional materials and cosmetics to provide the best products to consumers.