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고객과 함께 지구촌 곳곳에서 펼치는 투자유치, 글로벌 홍보, 해외 진출 지원 등에 대한 최신 소식입니다.
A special award for Foreign workers in Korea on JC Senior Member's Day | Hwadong International

A Special Award For Foreign Workers In Korea On Jc Senior Member's Day

Nov. 3, 2017


Cao Yang, a global marketer in Hwadong International. Achieved the JC Special Award for as a foreign worker in South Korea.

The excitement of exporting Korean products to Thailand | Hwadong International

The Excitement Of Exporting Korean Products To Thailand

Aug. 24, 2017

Photothailand exports

Hwadong exported 76 items from 10 companies again today. We do consult in terms of global marketing based on the trade practice.